Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 29: Because There Is An Alternative

There is an alternative to austerity economics – an alternative that works, and that puts people back to work.


On December 5th the Government is set to introduce yet another round of cuts.  Their answer to the failure of austerity is – more austerity.


We are told that the Government’s hands are tied – that we’re in a bailout and must do as the Troika says.  This is not true.  As long as we make progress towards shrinking the deficit, the Government is free to introduce a Budget made up entire of tax increases, entirely of spending cuts, or a combination of the two.


We can:

  • Halt the spending cuts which are destroying communities and sucking money out of local economies
  • Invest to grow jobs – which will also increase tax revenues and shrink the social welfare bill
  • Increase taxes on wealth and high earners

Research by the Nevin Economic Research Institute and others has shown that such an approach will create more jobs and growth while cutting the deficit – a better outcome than a cuts-based approach. .

Why should we march? Because it’s time to start making the right choices.

PDF here.


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