Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 21: Government Job Policies are Failing

It is official.  The Government admitted yesterday that their job creation policy is a failure.  Yesterday, the Government released new employment and unemployment projections up to 2015.  And they admit, in numbers, what we all know in fact.

Last year the Government projected that unemployment would fall to 10 percent by 2015.  Earlier this year they revised this upwards to 11.6 percent.  Now they are projecting it will be 13 percent.

When the Government took office unemployment was 14.2 percent.  So, despite all their press statements and media launches of policies and targets, the Government has now admitted that unemployment will fall by only 1 percent during their lifetime.  And if it weren’t for emigration, the unemployment rate would be higher.

Why should we march?  Because the Government has admitted their policies have failed.  Now we have to tell them about the alternative – investment, equality and increased incomes.

PSF available here.


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