Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 20: Ireland Among Most Unequal Countries in EU

Ireland is one of the most unequal countries in Europe.  Using income as the measurement, we are at the most unequal end.

Ireland is the 3rd most unequal country in the EU-15 – more unequal than even Greece.  We are well above the average of other EU-15 countries and in a different league than the more egalitarian Dutch, Finnish and Swedes.

And this only counts income.  In most other countries basic services such as GP care and prescription medicine are either free or heavily subsidised for the entire population.  If there was an inequality measurement for public services, Ireland would be at the very bottom.

Why should we march?  Because inequality degrades people, society and the economy.  And austerity is a driving force behind greater inequality.

Download PDF here.Reason 20 Inequality


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