Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 19: Hundreds of Thousands of Children Live in Deprivation

With the Children’s Referendum over, let’s not lose sight of the fact that hundreds of thousands of children live in households that suffer multiple-deprivation experiences.

338,000 children live in household suffering from multiple deprivation experiences.  That’s an increase of nearly 75 percent since the crisis began.  A further 178,000 children live in households suffering from one deprivation experience.

That’s nearly half of all children in the state suffering some form of deprivation.

And that’s in 2010.  This terrible figure will no doubt have increases with the attacks on low-income groups from the last two budgets.

Why should we march?  Because child poverty is a social obscenity.  Because children should not be made victims of a crisis created by bankers, speculators and austerity politicians.

PDF of this post here.


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