Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 15: Low-Paid Public Sector Workers are Really Low-Paid

We previously saw that low-paid workers in the private sector (retail, hotels & restaurants) are really low-paid compared to workers in other European countries.  The fact is that low-paid workers in the public sector are also really low-paid.

In the clerical grades – which make up over a third of civil service employees – Irish workers have pay levels well below that of other countries measured by the OECD.  In the Netherlands, Irish clerical workers would need a pay increase of almost 50 percent to reach Dutch pay.

And this data was collected before the 5 percent pay cuts in 2010.  So, if anything, Irish clerical workers have fallen further behind pay levels of other countries.

Why should we march?  Because low-pay affects hundreds of thousands – in the private and public sectors.

Download PDF here.


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