Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 14: One in Ten People Suffer Food Poverty

One in ten of all people in Ireland suffer from food poverty – in other words, hunger.  They experience one of three food poverty indicators:

  • Inability to afford a meal with meat or vegetarian equivalent every second day
  • Inability to afford a roast or vegetarian equivalent once a week
  • Whether during the last fortnight, there was at least one day (i.e. from getting up to going to bed) when the respondent did not have a substantial meal due to lack of money

There are particular categories of people who experience a much higher level of food poverty.

One in four people who find it difficult to make ends meet (and that is a large number of people) suffer from food poverty.

Why should we march?  Because this is a social obscenity.  Because one-in-ten of our neighbours are suffering from hunger.  Because we can choose to eliminate food poverty.

Download this post as a PDF here.


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