Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 12: For Every 30 People in a Dole Queue – There is Only One Job

It is claimed that unemployment is a ‘life-style’ choice – that people are choosing to stay on the dole rather than take up a job.  Not only is this insulting to hundreds of thousands who find themselves without a job – it attempts to disguise the real problem behind unemployment.

There is only one job vacancy for every 30 people who are unemployed.

The Government may blame the unemployed for being unemployed – but the fact is that there for every 30 people standing in a dole queue, there is only one job available.  For the other 29, there is only the prospect of continuing unemployment.

Why should we march?  Because unemployment is not a ‘life-style’ choice – it is an economic reality created by the Government’s austerity policies.

Download as PDF: Reason 12 30 People


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    1. Irish Left Review | DCTU No to Austerity March: Saturday 24th Nov. @1pm Parnell Sq

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