Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 11: Too Much is Owned by Too Few

The League of Credit Unions recently found that over 1.8 million people have less than €100 at the end of the month after essential bills are paid.  But there are some who don’t have such worries – the ultra-rich who own billions of financial and housing property.

The top one percent of adults (34,000 adults) own over €125 billion.  The top five percent of adults (170,000 adults) own nearly €210 billion.  That’s billions made up of houses and buildings, land, cash, stocks, bonds, equity, capital value of pensions, etc.).

The top five percent own 47 percent of all wealth in the county.  And how much do the bottom 50 percent of the population own?  Less than 5 percent.

Why should we march?  Because too few people own too much wealth while most people live on so little.  It’s time we put all the nation’s wealth to work for all people.

Download PDF: Reason 11 wealth


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