Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 10: Employment has Crashed and Burned

There is a jobs crisis throughout Europe.  But the scale of the crisis in Ireland is off the charts.

In Europe, the crisis is defined by employment falling by 1.4 percent.  If that’s a ‘crisis’, then how do we describe the situation in Ireland, where employment has fallen by over 15 percent?  That’s nearly 11 times the ‘crisis’ in the rest of the EU.

And it’s getting worse.  A number of forecasters are predicting that employment will continue to fall next year and won’t start rising until 2014.  Even when it starts rising, it will be years – a decade or more – before we recover the ground lost since 2007.

Why should we march?  Because employment deserves a crisis-response to get people back to work – not more austerity which will destroy even more jobs.

Download PDF here: Reason 10 Job Numbers


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