Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 9: Because low pay in Ireland is really low pay

We are constantly being lectured that we are living beyond our means – that we are over-paying ourselves, that we have to cut wages to become ‘competitive’.  The low-paid, in particular, have been under attack – from employers, from the Government changes to the Joint Labour Committees.  But are the low-paid overpaid?  Not by a long shot.

Irish labour costs in the Hotel & Restaurant Sector are 7% below the average of other EU-15 countries.  When compared with the average of Core-EU 15 countries (excluding peripheral countries), labour costs here fall 16% below average.  And when compared with economies similar to our own – small open economies heavily reliant on exports – we fall 26% below average.

The situation is worse in the Retail & Wholesale sector.

And in the last two years, the gap between Irish and other EU labour costs has widened further.

Low pay in Ireland is really low-pay when compared with other EU countries.

Why should we march?  Because increasing wages, working hours and living standards – in particular, for the low-paid – is part of the solution to economic growth.

Download PDF here: Reason 9 Low Pay




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