Dublin Council of Trade Unions

Reason 5: One Million People Live in Deprivation

There are one million people who suffer multiple deprivation experiences.  That’s according to the CSO.  They could be suffering a range of deprivations from being unable to heat their home to going without a meal with meat, chicken or fish every second day.

Even more worrying is that over 335,000 children suffer from deprivation. A significant part of the next generation is growing up in intolerable conditions.

Since the crisis started deprivation has increased rapidly.  For the total population, deprivation has increased by 66 percent, while for children the increase has been a staggering 73 percent.

The data only goes up to 2010.  We should expect deprivation levels to have increased since then – given the social protection cuts in the last two budgets and, in particular, the last budget which the ESRI labelled the most regressive since the crisis began.

How can we expect the economy to recover when nearly one-in-four suffer multiple deprivation experiences?  And what kind of society is the Government creating for us?

Why should we march?  Because one million people living in deprivation is economically irrational and socially obscene.

Download PDF here: Reason 5 Deprivation


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