Dublin Council of Trade Unions

DCTU Pre-Budget demonstration 12 October

DCTU 12 OctoberOn Budget Day – October 15th – yet more cuts will be imposed on some of the most vulnerable sections of our society.

A web of propaganda spun by government spokespersons and reflected in the media is designed to persuade the people that there is little wealth left in the country and that reaching a budget deficit of 3% or less is only possible by further cuts in public spending.

In fact, however, there is a large reservoir of wealth both corporate and private that could be taxed. The Government can also use the promissory note ‘windfall’.

The 3 per cent budget deficit target can be reached without further spending cuts.  Instead, working people need a Budget focused on:


  • In jobs, by funding the infrastructural projects identified by the trade union movement in recent years
  • In education, in health, and training for real jobs particularly for young people.


  • A third tax band for all those earning over €100,000
  • Close tax reliefs so 12.5 per cent corporation profit tax means just that


Come out on 12 October and March with your Union




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